Ploughed Fields

Writing about Marzia's collages, Adrian Hamilton (Independent) says... "To her admirers, as to herself, these are some of her most exciting and pleasurable works. She looks on them as the painterly equivalent of sculpture, works that are conceived in the round but physically manipulated by the hand.. the inspiration comes from the sensations she feels seeing an object, listening to a sound, remembering a poem and then using her hands to lose herself within it.".

Collages are an essential part of Marzia Colonna's work and infuse together her love of painting and sculpture. As she states "When I work with collage I feel I am sculpting with paper and painting at the same time. It is fast and furious work; holding on to and trying to replicate the memory of the landscape that I have experienced, not just visually in its form and colour, but also in the impact created in my mind by the wind, sun, rain, smells and sounds".

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